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Prism Hotels, Real Capital Solutions collaborate on $200 Million Fund Initiative

Powerhouse companies join forces to identify and purchase hotel properties in Permian Basin Dallas-based Prism Hotels and Resorts announced they have partnered with Louisville, Colorado-based Real Capital Solutions in a $200 million investment fund initiative where Real Capital Solutions is … Continued

Hotel Outlook: Far From Gloom And Doom

                This article provided by Paul Bubny, Follow me on Twitter @PrismHotels Where do you see the hotel business headed in the latter part of 2016? Steve Van: To be honest, … Continued

Prism to Manage Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport

Currently the Concourse Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport, rebrand will result in largest Hyatt Regency franchise in North America June 6, 2016 Prism Hotels and Resorts announced today that they have been engaged to manage the largest Hyatt Regency … Continued

What I Learned at Meet The Money 2016

Here’s my hotel industry takeaway from Jim Butler’s great Meet the Money conference last week in beautiful LA. There is only one consensus about the future of our hotel industry among owners, lenders, franchisors, brokers, appraisers and attorneys… The consensus … Continued

Not Easy Rider

Today’s update on the current hotel cycle… we are not in a baseball game folks… (and aren’t you sick of the which-inning-are-we-in question?). A far better analogy is a big tall roller coaster. Sitting in the front car… click click … Continued

Custer’s Last Stand – Vanishing Replacement Loans will cause Emerging Defaults… and Opportunities

Billions in ten-year hotel loans originated in 2006 and 2007 are coming due… and they will need replacement loans to keep from defaulting. So what is that looking like? Remember the pre-politically correct Cowboy and Indian movies? Right at the … Continued

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