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ADR Taking Off at LAX

For all you winged road warriors, remember the last time you waited and waited on the tarmac for the weather to clear enough for takeoff? Well after years of painful idling, ADR is taking off at LAX. And it will … Continued

Special Servicer Survival I.Q. Test

Question: What do you call the area of the United States larger than the State of Texas which will produce more hotel defaults this year than all the rest of the country combined? Shale Hell – it’s fast becoming a … Continued

Hotel Defaults, a Camel Stomach and Shakespeare

Other than The Meaning of Life, the question we existential hoteliers most often ask is, “When will the distressed hotel deal floodgate open?” Here’s the answer.  A camel has a seven step digestive sequence just like our current distressed hotel … Continued

Steve Van, Prism Hotels as quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Steve Van participated at the Meet the Money 2012 conference as a moderator on the panel “Creating and Preserving Asset Value – The PIP Challenge and Beyond”. He was quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal blog summarizing the discussion … Continued

2012’s Strongest Economic Indicator

I hope all of you watching the Super Bowl halftime last night and worrying about the future of US real estate….will get a life. But just so you didn’t miss it here’s the single most important economic news of the … Continued

The Truth About Hotel Recovery in 2012

Seen the video of a Smart Car running into a Suburban? Ricochets off like a tennis ball. I just test drove both- the Suburban at the CREF Council in South Beach with all the CMBS Special Servicer gurus and the … Continued

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