In addition to our award-winning hotel management services, we also apply our specialized expertise to offer comprehensive hotel advisory services, including project management, asset management, accounting consulting, and brand transitions.

Project management

Prism’s depth of hotel project management experience as an architect, contractor, and owner confers a unique competitive advantage. Our full-spectrum project management services encompass everything from programming to close-out. Cost-effective solutions achieve client objectives while preserving the guest experience and minimizing operational disruptions. Our impressive track record includes projects ranging from a few thousand dollars all the way up to $500 million, which consistently come in on time and under budget.

Asset management

Prism’s asset management approach is built around a detailed operational assessment, including a comprehensive real estate analysis and review of underlying hotel operations, the brand, the market, and the competitive landscape to ensure owners and operators are capitalizing on every opportunity to maximize performance.

Accounting and consulting

Prism offers a full platform of specialized accounting and consulting, which includes financial reporting to keep a tight rein on labor, food & beverage, and other costs; analytic services to evaluate hotel operations and financial projections; and detailed forecasting for effective expense controls. Prism employs a robust infrastructure to support hotels through a variety of accounting and reporting functions. We believe it is imperative to minimize ancillary work at the property level to allow property managers to concentrate their efforts on running each hotel in a way that maximizes owner returns.

Brand transition

Our brand transition services allow ownership to augment their operational results and optimize value when a hotel changes its flag. We know how to evaluate and select the appropriate brand, negotiate the terms, implement the PIP, and execute a seamless transition.