We make more money for our owners because our guests and employees are happier in our properties.

Our culture is one of our strongest assets. We demonstrate our values to owners with clear metrics and bottom-line results, never losing sight of the fact that process and profitability begin with people and relationships.

With an unprecedented 90-plus percent company-wide overall job satisfaction rate, we recruit the best industry talent to contribute to our collaborative culture. The employee-centric workplace we’ve created at Prism adds to our trademark creativity and innovation, which is present at each of our properties. This translates to less turnover, more motivated employees, and a sense of unity that boosts productivity and improves guest service. In other words, our values have value; our approach works and our culture puts money in the pockets of owners and investors.


Integrity: We conduct our business in an ethical, transparent manner which balances the needs of all stakeholders.

We show genuine understanding and concern for the interests and needs of all parties in every decision, process, and action.

Personal Leadership:
In everything we do, we practice ownership of and accountability for our decisions, responsibilities, actions and their consequences.

Commitment to Results:
Each team member understands the importance of his or her contribution to Prism’s overall results, and strives every day to exceed individual and team expectations.


Fun: We infuse our work with vibrant energy, a sense of humor, and celebration.

We make timely and informed decisions, win often, and lose fast, to expedite results.

We are genuine and personable in our relationships at every point of contact.

We continually seek new opportunities, processes, and creative use of available and potential tools to achieve desired results.